Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Balsa

Brand new balsa shaped by Dennis for a Las Olas customer in Baja. It will be glassed by Alex at his factory in Ensenada BC and then delivered to it's new owner in San Jose del Cabo BC. We can build any size balsa board for anyone - completely made here in San Diego at Diamond Glassing USA. Dim: 10'-0" x 23"wide x 3"thick.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mainland Memoirs

Here's a note - and photos - from my Special Agent/Team Rider/long-time bud Chris Miller. He recently returned from a trip to Mainland Mexico and clearly had a great time - dm, "el guapo" "Here's a few fotos from the trip. It was like this almost every day. The old comp longboard you shaped for me around 2005, is still alive. I took her down about 4 years ago and stashed her at my friends casita near the point. She's a bit browner and heavier than I remembered, but still has the magic. My friend Larry rode this board 5 years ago and dubbed it the Love Wand (i think he actually loved it). Thanks again for all the great boards over the last 20 years! Damn, I'm getting old..."